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Lawer is a solid and very Italian Company. The concentration of the design department and production in the same plant provides control over the entire manufacturing chain.

The company operates in Biella area, the largest district in the national production of high quality yarns and fabrics. The know-how gained in the textile sector since 1970 has provided the company with the right credentials to present itself also in other industrial fields.

Lawer today is a landmark for advanced dispensing systems and flexible to adapt the same  to the different needs of each customer and holds a substantial number of international patents registered in many countries around the world .

Besides the Italian headquarters, where Lawer produces 100% of its systems, Lawer actually has 4 foreign commercial/assistance units:

TURKEY (Lawer Teknik Servis)

CHINA (Lawer Shanghai Dispensing Systems)

BRAZIL (Lawer do Brasil)



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