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A quality designed to last.  This is the mission of Lawer, A Biella based company internationally recognized for the excellence of its dispensing systems for powders and liquids. Excellence expressed since the preliminary analysis to the commissioning of the equipment, to ensure safe and automated systems operated by high-class software, able to adapt themselves to the changing needs of manufacturing companies. Quality is also the ability to provide the best service and maintenance, efficient, worldwide available to be in every time close to its customers.





It is in every small detail that is measures the great value of a Company. Lawer has made a hallmark of accuracy. In research, in the production cycle, in the technical support, every minimum detail is evaluated by the stricter controls. Extreme care is given to staff training. Nothing is left to chance in the choice of materials used to manufacture the various components of the equipment. Only components of very high quality are selected for the installations, which are able to fully satisfy the requirements of current regulations.






Since the beginning Lawer has always implemented the strategic decision to invest substantially in men, in research and new technologies. Through the technical department dedicated to the analysis and development, the nerve center of the plant, the company shows its strong projecting capabilities. The task of finding the most innovative technical solutions for the continuous improvement of systems, is essential given a qualified professionals, and constantly updated, For this reason Lawer continues to lead in an increasingly competitive market.






Lawer meant to be a security for their customers. A partner to count over the years.  Because Lawer follows the evolution in the production departments of the client companies, always providing the most advanced technological solutions and the top quality, whose components are selected from the best suppliers in the market. All this to ensure a total reliability of its systems and an excellent (a long term) availability of spare parts. Also, Lawer produces all the dispensing equipment taking extreme care for the environmental impact, which contribute decisively to the solution of problems of safety and hygiene in the workplace and reduce waste pollutants.


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