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UNICA SD - silos capacity 12 - 24 liters

Lawer Unica

UNICA SD has been designed and patented for the automatic weighing of powder ingredients in the food sector, in the preparation of artesanal gelato and in the pastry or confectionery industry. The particular arrangement of its component parts and the simple user interface, makes this machine extremely useful in home made preparations where production is composed of several recipes. The powder ingredients are stored in stainless steel silos with a capacity of 12, 24 l. and are dispensed into a bucket, which is manually placed on the electronic scale, through independent stainless steel screws that allow high precision and dispensing speed. The recipes to be weighed are selected through the computer touch-screen control panel where the flavor production recipes are stored and the information regarding the process operations can be viewed through password protected access. The bucket trolley is positioned sequentially below the silos from which the products of the recipe are dispensed and at the end of the process, it repositions itself in the bucket area. The compact LAWER UNICA, mounted on castor wheels allows its installation in any workshop.

Machine dimensions UNICA SD (silos 12 -24 l.):
Lenght 190 cm x Width 110 cm x Height 134 cm

Standard configuration UNICA SD (silos 12 - 24 l.):
9 silos x 12 l. + 2 silos x 24 l.



The storage silos in stainless steel AISI 304 are independent and removable to allow  washing  operations. Each silo is equipped with independent and removable top covers and with removable screw covers. A dosing screw with 8 ray star feeder (patented device) and an efficient anti-clogging device assures for each silo, the perfect dosage of all powder ingredients types.




The scale, capacity 20 kg and accuracy 1 gr, can load buckets with bottom diameter 200 mm, top diameter 320 mm and height 320 mm. The scale can also be used for  weighing  other solid or liquid products, not stored in the UNICA system but normally used in the laboratory for the preparation of the recipes. If weighed by the UNICA scale,  these products can be managed by the UNICA manager system which enables consumption and cost control . UNICA therefore becomes an efficient laboratory system manager , able to manage and check all the products dosed and used for the recipe preparation.







An efficient filtering system ensures perfect machine cleaning during the automatic weighing and manual refilling operations by capturing volatile powder and conveying it to the filters installed on the machine.




UNICA can be equipped, in optional, with a manual weighing station with scale 20 kg capacity, accuracy 1 gr, with a stainless steel bucket and special valves for the automatic dosage of the liquid products such as Milk, Cream, Hot and Cold water. The station can be also equipped with a specific valve for the connection with the pasteurized system for the automatic dosage of the pasteurized. The structure of the manual station hosts an utensil drawer unit.








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