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What is Lawer UNICA?

UNICA organizes production in an innovative way. UNICA automatically weighs powder and liquid ingredients, parts of the recipes for gelato, patisserie, backery, biscuits or generally in the food industry preparations where ingredients microdosage is required. 


UNICA guarantees the following:

  • Highest quality of the finished product
  • Highest weighing precision
  • Replicability of the recipes
  • Right balance of raw materials
  • Production management, efficiency and cost reduction
  • Complete confidentiality of Know-how (the recipe composition can be kept under secret)
  • Optimisation of producion, less production time (save 3 hours laboratory working time per day) 




In 2007 UNICA was born, as the result of 40 years of Lawer exprience and know-how in the design and manufacturing of dosing systems,  2 years of research and development with the co-operation of the most renowed consulting agency in the field of artisanal gelato and  1 year of operative tests and functional verifications. The reliability and accuracy of UNICA become key factors in the gelato, patisserie and food business.






More time, less costs

Unica automatically weighs powder and liquid ingredients
which are the most important part of the recipes, without your direct presence in the laboratory. Less time in the laboratory (you can save 3 hours working time per day).With Unica you reduce the production time which in turn reduces hours and cost of production personnel. With Unica you can recover efficiency and marginality using basic raw ingredients.





Using Unica, you can keep secret the composition of the recipe and your employees will produce gelato without knowing your personal recipe. In this way you protect your creativity and your know-how which are the real value of your business.




You will be able to check your production process: flavours and quantity produced. Accessing a protected area, you will be the only one to monitor and verify the daily production, montly production, the consumption of each single raw material or each single recipe, you can monitor how much does it cost you to produce your recipe or to produce a single flavour. Such data are for your exclusive use. Unica is a real manager of your laboratory.




In a fully automatic way, Unica will repeat countless times the error free weighing of the micro-ingredients of your recipes, guaranteeing a constant quality at all times. Less errors, less cost, higher quality of the finished product.



Know-how protection

All weight operations carried out by Unica are save and made available for a perfect traceability. Moreover your know-how can be protected with the use of an ecrypted operative software.




Space and flexibility

Unica has been sized to fit the space of a standard laboratory table; moreover, when idle, it becomes a helpful working top.


Unica contributes to reduce errors and time in the recipe preparation, thus reducing costs of production and personnel.

Quality and solutions

By choosing UNICA you choose not only a simple working tool but the solution to your workshop daily necessities. 


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